Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Springing into summer

It's hard to believe that it is almost 5 years since the seed (excuse the pun) of an idea started to form, growing flowers as a business, well what a very busy 5 years and what a very steep learning curve into the world of cut flower growing.  I had always picked a few flowers from the garden to "plonk" into a vase but there is gaping void between that and producing enough flowers for variety, vase life, colour and scent to sell.

Looking at the trays and trays that need to find a home I think I definitely will have enough, I know the varieties that work and I know that most of them will be scented!  I grow a huge variety of annuals both hardy and half hardy, perennials and biennials.  When people ask me what I grow I only reel off a few names and then think, wait a minute that is a fraction of it!

The sun has finally warmed everything up and the flowers in the polytunnel are starting to flower and before long the outside cutting beds will be bursting with colour.

All of this needs to find a home and now that hopefully (!) we have seen our last frost I am taking the plunge and planting everything out.

The cutting beds will soon be bursting with colour ready for the summer. 

We have been digging new beds and extending others in the main garden and generally giving everything a good tidy.  Not only do we have to concentrate on the business side of things but our own garden has to get some attention and this year has been no exception.  We are opening the garden on Sunday 28th July 2019 as part of the Scotland's Gardens Scheme.  Come and have a wander around the garden and see the cutting beds for Schoolhouse Flowers, our new wildlife pond and recently planted orchard with bee hives.  We can't do enough for the bees and other pollinators that visit our garden. 

Here is a link and we look forward to seeing you in July.

Trays and trays in the cloches

...and there's more

Full greenhouse

Dahlias getting acclimatised